7 Dog Breeds That Make Great Companions

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Manchester Terrier

Manchester TerrierThe manchester terrier makes a great pet your your family. They can be a little bit of a barker and afraid of visitors. This do will generally live for about 15 years and average about 17 pounds. One good thing is they don’t eat very much since they are a smaller breed. They have nice short hair as well.

Afghan Hound

Afghan HoundThe afghan hound is originally from Afghanistan, hens the name. They tend to be very happy dogs. Make sure you have a good groomer in mind unless you are up for the challenge the are a very high maintenance dog. The live on average of 13 years and they usually weigh about 65 pounds. You need to make sure they get plenty of exercise as well.


BasenjiThis is one of the lower maintenance dogs. They are an energetic dog that comes from a hunting background. This dog is from Africa. They live to be about 14 years old and average weight is around 24 pounds. They are known to be affectionate and alert.


BeagleThe Beagle is one of the oldest breeds. Back in the day 1500’s the English used them as companions when they went hunting. They love being around people and other dogs. They live to be about 13 years old and they generally weigh about 22 pounds. They have a great sense of smell that they developed for hunting.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington TerrierThis dog got its name from a mining town in England. This high maintenance must be groomed pretty often. They are kinda funny looking dog but cute at the same time. They live about 13 years and normally weigh around 20 pounds. They like indoor or outdoors and have lots of energy. Has the resemblance of a lam…


BergamascoYou would assume that this long-haired pooch would be really high maintenance but in fact they only need to be bathed every few weeks. This bergamasco has a really good temperament and they are very intelligent dogs. They live to be about 14 years and they weigh about 65 pounds. They don’t like to be left alone for very long time frames.

Border Collie

Border CollieThis dog was used to herd livestock because of their energetic nature. You may want to pick a different breed of dog if you have small children, it’s not that they don’t get along or are mean, it’s that they may try to herd them. The border collie lives for about 14 years and they weigh  about 20 pounds on average. I really like these dogs!

Well there you have it, 7 of our dog breeds that make great companions. We would also like to thank our sponsor for this post.

What Breed Of Dog Would I Use For Hunting?

Here are 10 of the best breeds for hunting…

Before we get back to the 10 best dogs for hunting I just want to share a little lawn tip for ya…

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Ok, enough potty talk, now back to the hunting dog blog…

1) Labrador Retriever- They are great in the water duck hunting, they are very smart and there loyal to their owner.

Did you know that not only are labs a remarkable hunting dog they are a great dog for people that are disabled. Yep! They lead the blind, assist what autistic children, as well as therapy for many.

This medium to large breed is a beauty to look at and has the most kindest personality in the dog kingdom. Great dog for kids!

2) Dogo Argentino- This Argentina breed is a straight badass dog. They are fearless and as strong as they come!

When it comes to hog hunting the Dogo is the dog of choice. They are the best wild hog hunting dog hands down.

This large breed has also been used in the military, search and rescue as well as law enforcement.

3) Greyhound- This lengthy large dog is known for it speed.  This long legged beast can run somewhere around 40 MPH while chasing down a rabbit. Wow!!

Elmer Fudd would have had much better luck chasing down that “wascally wabbit” with this great dog!

4) Saluki- This middle eastern dog is equipped with stamina and perseverance to run down that crazy fast gazelle.

This dog requires patience and gentle touch when being trained . They are very loyal and known to show affection towards owner.

5) Bluetick Coonhound- This muscular and speedy dog is from the US and is the best mountain lion hunting dog around.

This dog must have some sort of job or they are not happy. They take great pride in a job well done… kinda the opposite of some people I know… lol

6) Karelian Bear Dog- This is one of the toughest breeds out there. Anyone looking to do any bear hunting should have a few of them.

7) Deer Hound- This small headed beast is from Great Britain is fast and silent. Best deer hunting dog

8) Fox Terrier- This little energetic small to medium size dog has a great sense for tracking down and out foxing the fox.

9) Phu Quoc- This guy is fast, clever and courageous! This breed is from Vietnam and is considered to be pretty rare.

When it comes to jumping and swimming there isn’t much if any competition in the dog world that is. This dog is an opportunistic hunting dog.

10) Dingo- This Ausi uses teamwork and stamina to it’s strengths. This guy is a top-end carnivore predator and loves fish!

Well there you have it- 10 of the best hunting dogs!

Consider This When Choosing Your Dogs Food

What is the best food to feed my dog?

When it comes to your little or big 4 legged friend, I gonna bet that you want them to be as healthy as possible. Right?!?

By feeding your dog a good quality food they will not only live longer, but they will be healthier and happier!

So… How do you choose the best dog food for you furry friend?

Well, continue reading for great tips on choosing the best food for you dog.

What’s the Ingredients Say?

Reading the labels is a great place to start and the first ingredient should be a real meat like; chicken or salmon and not a by-product.

We recommend picking a dog food brand that has multiple choices with high review ratings.

That is because lower rated choices are more likely to contain:

  • Very little meat
  • More by-products
  • Controversial preservatives
  • Questionable meat ingredients

You should also try to avoid any GMO’s and hard to digest ingredients like: corn and for some dogs wheat.

Who is the Company Producing the Dog Food?

Big Heart, Mars and Purina are the top 3 dog food producing companies. They take up about 90% of the market and they have a pretty low recall rate considering there large market.

There was a recall study over a 5 year period and they concluded that over 80% of the recalls were linked to the smaller companies and just under 20% were linked to the top 3 companies.

Some of the smaller companies have been caught with incorrectly labeling their dog food, stating that it is more nutritional then it really is.

They have admitted to not verifying the safety of the food or the nutrient content and they can do this since there is no law that makes them do so.

It is said the smaller the company the less money they have to put into testing  to ensure the quality of their product.

On the other hand the larger companies are more likely to take the necessary steps and invest in:

  • Test raw materials for impurities and nutrient content
  • Perform safety and quality control procedures regular
  • Manufacturing facilities are owned and operate by owner
  • Verify finished goods before they are shipped
  • Maintain in-house testing laboratories

So,  should you blindly trust the larger companies with producing better dog food?

No necessarily, but larger companies usually make the investment to make sure that the over all quality is healthier for your K9.

I would always dig-in and make sure the food is real and the processing is up to par before purchasing from a smaller company.

Dog Food Recalls

When it comes time to buy your dog food just hop online and check to make sure the perfect food that you choose to feed him or her has no recalls. This can add many years to your dogs life if something has gone wrong you will catch it before it becomes a problem.

The Rap up

Obviously by choosing to buy your dog’s food from a larger manufacture there are always the chance that there could be a problem with the food, but as I have stated above you have a much greater possibility to get a great product.

You can find great 4 to 5 star quality dog food and of course treats, as well as seeing the list of recalls over at www.dogfoodadvisor.com at anytime.

Does Your Dog Have A Nice Dog House?

When it comes to the well being of your dogs it is important they have the proper shelter if they stay outside. Especially if it gets cold outside! Your dogs house doesn’t need to be anything special you just want to make sure that it blocks out the sunlight and any weather that may move in.

It is important to know that dogs can get sun-burned just like we can, so giving them a place to get out of the sun is a damn good idea. Please if you own a dog don’t leave them in cars or chained up for long periods of time. Make sure to get them out at the local dog park so the can get the nessisary exercise to keep them healthy.

If you have a dog that like to get into things or chew on stuff that they are not supposed to, maybe all they need is to get out for a good walk to release some stored energy. Just think how restless you or your child gets after just sitting around most of the time. I’m sure you go crazy if your not a lazy ass… lol

If your going to have a dog just make sure your going to do the right things and offer them a good loving home. Buy them good food and make sure they always have access to water. They like treats just as much as you do but, just don’t over do it.

When it come to your dog house, it needs to be custom based on the size of the dog it is for. You want it to be big enough but not too big the video below will give you some great ideas to making a killer new dog house!

When I was little my dad and I build a kick-ass dog house for the 2 dogs that we had back then. When it comes to building it you can just make it simple or as bad-ass as you want. We had one of my dad’s friends come out from a local roofing company and put the roof on this huge dog house. Like I said, this dude was a good friend of my dads, we went a little overboard with this one. Just so you know, you don’t need to go all out if you don’t want to. Just make sure it does the job of keeping shelter for your K9.

Here’s a great video on how to build your new dog house…..

What is Your Favorite Kind of Dog?

When it comes to picking out my favorite kind of dog I’m not really sure how to answer because I like all kinds of dogs! When it comes to picking out dogs that I like it comes down to there personality. I like dogs that are nice well mannered and full of energy! I’m definitely not a fan of dogs that bark all the time, specially little yappers…lol!

IMG_1384I know that some of you only like them if they have a specific job, like a hunting or some kind of cow dog. The cool thing is there are many dogs out there and there is a great dog in every breed. For instance my pops has a great dog, its a mix between a blue healer and Australian shepherd- she is a great loving dog. My dad takes her all over, she goes everywhere with him, she goes with him riding horses, sometimes they goes as many as 10 to 15 miles in one day. It seems the farther they go the better she does. The only thing that I don’t like about her, she must go on long walks everyday or she will get all restless and just bug the hell out of ya, but I guess that’s not such a bad thing.

She has been growing up around a few cats and its funny how she does a lot things that cats do. She loves to play all by herself with a tennis ball just like a cat would it is so awesome that she can entertain herself some of the time!

When she was little she had a few accidents in the house and we had to clean a few pet stains but she learned to let us know when she needed outside. I’m not a huge fan of having animals in-doors, because of all the hair that gets on everything. The couches, tables, counter tops and of course the floor. But the good thing is you can hire a good professional carpet cleaner to clean up after the pet mess.

I have a friend that has a couple of dogs, they are bird hunting dogs and they are very very good at what they do. I kinda feel bad for these dogs because he pretty much just uses them as a tool for hunting. Its not that he treats them bad or anything but he doesn’t do much with them unless it’s hunting season. He does live on a descent amount of land so they can run and play all of the time.

When it comes to dogs, what kind do you like? Is it a specific breed or are you like me and like all kinds? If you want you can leave your comment at the bottom of the page. I know that if you do find this post you may think, why the hell is this dude wasting his time blogging about this dog non-sense… Well that’s just what I do… I like writing short stories like this one. Sometimes I come up with some interesting shit and sometimes it is the stupidest shit you would ever read. I just enjoy putting words on a page, a virtual page that is….haha!


What Is The Best Dog To Guard Your Yard?

Looking for a good guard dog?

It really depends what your need is and what you want the dog to do. If you are just looking for a dog to make noise when someone is around you can just use any old mutt for the job. A barking cha-wa-wa would be awesome!

I remember a story of a home owner that had a great dog that saved the owners life. One night someone broke into this guy’s house to rob him. The robber was armed with a small caliber hand-gun and when the home owner herd the intruder he let his dog out of the bedroom where they were both sleeping. The dog, not sure what kind of dog this was, but it was a medium to large dog ran at the robber which distracted the dude enough that the owner was able to hit the guy with a bat and it knocked the criminal out letting the homeowner disarm him. The homeowner was also able to tape the hands and legs up while they all waited for the po-po!

This just a great dog story that ended all well except for the intruder, he was arrested and taken to jail.

So what is the best kind of dog for guarding your house?

Rot, doberman, German shepherd or a pit?

I was watching this great show on tv, Shark Tank, and there was a couple that had a business of training home defense dogs. They were charging a small fortune to provide the dog and training. It was somewhere around $4,000 to $6,000 when you where all said and done. The quality of there training is great but not reasonable price if you ask me. They didn’t make a deal with any of the sharks. The sharks didn’t think it was a good investment to make money, but it is a good service for a small percentage of people.

I have a friend that owns a towing company and they have a towing yard were they hold the cars and trucks that they tow. They have the place guarded by 3 dogs. A rot, pit bull and German shepherd. The truth is that these dogs are great unless they don’t know you! One time they tore a guy up for hopping the fence trying to steal shit from the cars. The guy had to go to the hospital and he was treated for multiple dog bites. He needed 25 stitches, he was also charge for trespassing.

All in all I can’t give you a strait answer as to what the best guard k9 would be, but I do know that I never want to face an angry one though.

Leave your thoughts at the bottom and let me know what you think….

Is it Cool to Take Your Dog With You in a Limo?

If you ask Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton they would be all for it I bet.

“That’s hot” Haha…

If you like dressing your k9 up in a pink tutu with a matching bow stuffed in your purse, chance are, your all for it.

So what do you think about taking your dog in a limousine?

I don’t this it’s a good idea…

Black Stretch Limo

When your a big ball-er going out for the night in a stretch you need to leave you four legged friend at home. Dogs are great for playing fetch in the park, chasing cows out on the range or helping the blind get around. Taking them rolling with you in a limo may be setting yourself up for a disaster.

Picture this getting all spiffy taking you honey for a nice night out to dinner and for some crazy reason you decide to take your pooch with you, not sure why anyone would do this but I would never even entertain this idea. You have to admit what I’m about to tell you would be pretty funny if it happened to someone else.

ok, now where was I, oh yea…

Night out on the town dressed in your best clothes and for some stupid turn of events you bring your dog with you. Everything seems to start out just fine, rolling up to your favorite classy restaurant and eating a great meal in a very romantic setting.

Then everything turns south…

Dog was just chilling in the limo while eating dinner, your dog just happens to find a bag of chocolates and eats the whole bag. The precious dog gets sick from both ends all throughout the car. Throwing up and shitting all over the white seats and floor.

How are ya filling now?

Just call a cab and go home…